diversophy® Game Session

The month of May marks the EU diversity month across Europe, and World Day for Cultural Diversity is annually held on May 21. BBi Communication invites you to celebrate with us by playing a round of diversophy® – an intercultural game that allows you to explore cultural differences in a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

diversophy® is an interactive game played with a set of game cards involving five different ways of learning. Players will be challenged to recognize the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed when communicating and collaborating with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Challenge yourself and your colleagues in this international round of virtual diversophy® and celebrate Cultural Diversity Day with us!

Organised by BBi Communication with presentation by Swedish Diversity Charter Sweden and Spanish Fundación Diversidad.

How to play: sign up for free to join our virtual game session in English
Tuesday 24th May
09.30 – 10.30 CET

For any questions, contact us on info-se@bbicommunication.com

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